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Share. Love. Inspire. Sweat. The Tone It Up motto. If you haven't heard of Tone It Up, it is a fitness company that Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott created to support females and their fitness goals. They have a Nutrition Plan for Tone It Up Members, YouTube videos, Blog, Beach Babe DVDs, etc.

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I have been a Tone It Up member for almost 3 years now. I started following them on social media and doing their YouTube videos, but when I actually joined and started following the Nutrition Plan is when I saw the best results. I have always been active, but following their nutrition plan and recipes has taught me to meal prep and eat differently. It has changed my body. 

TIU TowelAfter 3 years of being a Tone It Up member, I got the chance to meet Karena and Katrina at the Tone It Up Tour in LA. It was the best day ever. One of my friends, a fellow TIU member, and I got their at 2pm to wait in line to get in. Once we got in at 3pm we received awesome TIU bags filled with a TIU towel, TIU hat, workout band, water, sticker, and free samples. After we set our mats down we went shopping. We love our new Tone It Up leggings and sports bras designed by Avocado. 

TIU StageThe 1st workout was a yoga class led by a teacher from Corepower Yoga. Then, we had a little break to check out some of the other vendors and samples. The 2nd workout was with Jillian Michaels. That was a tough workout! Definitely had us sweating. The 3rd workout was with Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up. It was a fun workout with cardio, booty bands, core, and ended with yoga. 

WheelAfter all the workouts, we got our hair braided at the Braid Bar. Then we headed over to the Rosé Garden for those with the VIP tickets. We had a little Rosé to celebrate and then we waited in line to spin the wheel. The wheel could land on a prize or it could land on a workout command. My friend and I both won prizes but we saw a few people had to do burpees, squats, or planks. We supported one girl who had to do squats and we did 20 squats with her. Then it was our turn to meet K & K. Everyone only gets a brief moment to meet them and take a picture because there were so many girls waiting for their turn. K & K were so sweet and genuine. Everyone who worked for Tone It Up was super nice and helpful. It was an exciting day to get meet my fitness idols who have had such an impact on my life and so many other girls lives.

Tone It Up

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