Letting your ego go, are you really doing it?


Forearmstand Splits
Yoga is about letting your ego go. In yoga classes we always say to check your ego at the door. You often hear that yoga is not about competition. However, it is very difficult to actually let your ego and not compete with others in the class.
It is one thing to continually want to push yourself and progress in your yoga practice. But are you being patient with yourself and allowing the yoga practice time to work its magic? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others? Do you wonder why they mastered a pose sooner than you? Do you think you "should" be able to do a certain pose or that you are strong "enough" to do a certain pose but why isn't working? Or on the flip side do you avoid certain classes because they are too hard? Do you want to be the best in the class and not be the one who is struggling? 
The students who go to classes that challenge them are the ones who will progress in their practice. When you take a class where you can't already easily do all the poses that is where you learn the most. What is the point of taking a class if you can already do everything? You can just do that at home. Everyone goes to yoga for different reasons. Some days you need a stretch and want to go to a easier class and that's ok. But make sure you are not avoiding the harder classes because you don't want to bruise your ego. 
Letting go of your ego is a continual practice and some days are better than others. That is why you keep getting back on your mat and you practice. 

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